Strange hobby

Have you ever been to a shooting range prague? It`s quite an interesting hobby and I think you might like it too. Target shooting may be a strange and weird hobby in today`s society, but why? Yes, target shooting may be scary for some, but shooting at a target at a shooting range can also be fun for some. But why not? Someone likes singing, painting, drawing, collecting stamps, and someone likes shooting. I don`t see anything wrong with that. I have experience shooting at the shooting range and I enjoy it. I was going through a pretty tough time. My boyfriend broke up with me for unknown reasons, I was pretty bad about it, and I didn`t know what to do next.


I just sat at home and cried and felt bad. I did nothing, just stared at the wall. My best friend has known me for quite some time and knows what I used to be like. Cheerful, happy and now I was completely down. So, she took me out to the range and said she was shooting, and she enjoyed it and if I wanted to try it too. Well, I thought that I must finally come out of my hole and so I said that I agree with that and that yes, actually why not. It didn`t occur to me at all that I was closing in on myself and I should rather come up with other ideas.


I couldn`t believe how I was destroying myself. And target shooting, as crazy as it may seem, has helped me a lot. Since I was actually shooting at a paper target, I concentrated on hitting the target as close as possible and therefore did not focus on my negative thoughts. So, I actually found out what helps me. And I realized that the friend was not worth it. Later I found out that he was cheating on me and thus I stopped dealing with it completely. Because if I had known before that he had been unfaithful to me so many times, I wouldn`t have been so down and again it taught me some life lesson.

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